Is one of the best medical device importers & distributors and a leading health beauty  provider in Thailand.


Full-Solution Distributor for Medical  and         Health & Beauty  in Thailand


 Is a leading Distributor of Medical Devices/ Disposable Suppiles and Personales Beauty care products for supply  to the Customers Public  and  Private Hospitals- Clinics- Pharmacy -Home care -Health stores and Dealer Wholesale  , We are distribute and are specialized in product used crtical and intensive care , Surgery ,Post-Operative care during recovery both global Manufacture and Customers rely on us for our service. assistance and innovative line of products we offer only the most respected and reliable high quality brands :

OUR VISION :To maintain its position as the leading distributor of Medical and Health & Beauty in Thailand


OUR GOALS : Thaicare will continue to strive its best to provide "Quality Products, Best Value and Professional Service" for its customers to meet their ever increasing needs

Ms Panutchanok Boonjun

General Manager 

Ms.Rattinan Thanakeeratipirak

Products Specialist 

Mr.Thawin tatha 

Sales Manager.

       Thaicare co.,ltd.

2009 : Was the year Thaicare was established in Bangkok/Thailand In an 80 sq. meters office and with four employes.Mrs. BoonjunPanutchanok the founder of Thaicare challenged herself in the market with Medical Products. Her background in marketing made her realize that Health and Beauty products would be a sure success. At that time without much financial support and at the beginning, we only focused in BANGKOK. Striving to grow Thaicareand competing with many known and powerful Companies in the Medical world she proceeded her journey in what would have been after a success. She dedicated most of her time, also private, to understand the behavior and change of the market and the lines that would be top sellers with quality and a reasonable and affordable price to help all ill people to have a better quality of life. Willing to understand the market from the big ones we only had three lines. At the beginning Suppliers did not consider a young and new Company in Thailand. She did not giving up and with her strong aggressive by kind character she kept with humility entering slowly in a very aggressive market, the Medical world.

2012: ThaiCare grew and moved in a 150 sq. meter office with ten employees. Our challenge was to grow each year in the market with a 30% trend and to achieve more important lines to Distribute.  We where specialized in Wound Care and other Innovative advanced products that would be coordinated by our Sale Manager . Our first exhibition in 2010 was very exiting and gave us the opportunity to understand what the market and which brands where mostly known

2015: This was the year that launched ThaiCare in positioned lists of Medical Suppliers. This was exiting because finally we began to understand after five years what all Companies experience, negative and Positive results. Still not satisfied and  intent to be positioned in the high positions we introduce in our ThaiCare portfolio Health & Beauty line. Our team of sale staff now was divided into two divisions, Health Care with 8 sale people and 4 for Beauty, with a Sale Manager and Product Specialist. Thanks to our Suppliers and our aggressive Team, together we became more and more present in the Medical and H&B world. Our policy since we began  was and will always be, “Best service”,”High Quality”, “Reasonable and affordable price for everyone”. Mrs. Boonjun kept sailing for all those years Thaicare in the right direction with a rapid growth. This gave Thaicare more power to proceed . We began expanding throughout all of Thailand, from North to South with Direct and Indirect Sale force.

 2018, Thai Care opened our own Health and Beauty/Medical shop, dedicated to all generations. From Baby products to Incontinence and Personal Care.

We offer a very competitive price and a selection of well known lines for your health.

We provide to Professional Healthcare and Beauty Care our service of specialized Medical care products from Europe and U.S.A.

We have a team of consulting specialist that are constantly in contact with Pharmacy-Dermatologist-Beauty Store and clinics to train and to give our outmost best service.

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