Ms Panutchanok Boonjun 

General Manager 




                              OUR GOALS 

We are committed to educate and inform our clients of innovative solutions for their well living. Providing them as much as possible, a better life.

​We are dedicated to satisfying our customers, no matter of age, or social Status.

We strive to exceed their expectation in quality , on-time delivery and  personal communication.

Today after 12 years of experience in Medicsl and Healthcare she has build confident and Professional relations with more than  700 Customers of Hospitals -Medical colleges -Universities  and  Clinics & personally Customers. throughout Thailand..

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Thai Care Co.,ltd.  (Thailand )  was established year  2009 in Bangkok,Today Thaicare is a Distributor and Supplier  of a wide range of  innovative Medical and Health&Beauty products  including :

Medical products :Wound  Extracellular Matrix  Dressing  ,Ostomy Care , Silicone gel  -Gastrostomy  tubes , Patient ID Wristbands ,Mammography  and orthopedics etc. 

Health Care  :products:   Incontinence care , Pressure air beds  injury etc.

Personal /Beauty product  :Skin care  ,Hair Care , Vitamins ,

Thaicare Partners are International Manufacturer with high standar quality  products.

  • Anacapa technologise,Inc.   

  • Abena  

  • Ehob 

  • Histofreezer 

  • Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

  • Precision Dynamics Corporation. 

  • Safe N Simple LLC.  

  • Church&Dwight UK Ltd. 

  • Kent Precision Foods Group,Inc.

Over  12 years of experience and Distribution of Medical and Health&Beauty in the market supplying Hospitals, Medical Colleges . Universities and Clinics , Pharmacy, Home Care and Government sector and  private sector. With our well trained staff together with our high quality products and after sale service. we at Thaicare are proud for our Customers fedelty to us. Always searching for new products to make our Customers life a better living.

                                                                 We look at the present and think of the future to make you have a better of  life .



Thai care  is a dynamic Company that commercialize Medical Products since 2009,constantly in search of innovative and high quality products, to satisfy our Customers demands. The accurate choice of reputed Partners Leaders in the Medical World commits us to give the highest level of service to our Clients. Our Team of high level qualified personnel is constantly in contact with our Customer Division, this allows an accurate and prompt cooperation in deliveries and stock.

THAICARE is present in all regions of Thailand through dedicated sales & marketing staff who bring our services to our customers wherever they are. In addition, we have high caliber people to provide technical support, customer service and after sales-service to ensure the customers satisfaction of the best value service on time.

Our product portfolio covers :

  • Advanced wound care pads Dressing and cleaning wound gels.

  • Ostomy Care , 

  • Incontinance  Diapers

  • Surgical lines,

  • Enteral feeding tubes

  • Cryosurgical device.

  • Animal care products

  • Skin Markers

  • Patient Identification

  • Baby care products 

  • Medical Stocking/Compression Supports orthopedics

  • Diapers

  • Foots care

  • Orthotic line

  • Belt Support /Therapy

  • Food Supplements /Vitamins

  • Mobility item,



Thai Care in 2015 introduced Beauty and Personal care.Skin care, Hair care and Supplement are now the major brands imported from USA and Europe. We have a Team of consulting specialist that are constantly in contact with Pharmacys , Dermatologist , Beauty Store and Clinics to train and to give our outmost best service and quality products. Today we have grown with experience and Professionality. We are proud to say we are a young leading Health & Beauty Distributor in the market.

Our product portfolio covers 

  • Skin Care

  • Body care

  • Hair Care

  • Hair Professional

  • Cosmetics

  • Beauty Accessory

  • Food Supplements 



We are committed to educate and inform our clients of innovative solutions for their well living. Providing them as much as possible, a better life.



Focusing on excellence in procurement and distribution of Medical ,Health and Beauty products with quality that meets international statdarded. Develop and expand markets and Businesses for long term growth and sustainability both in Thailand and in neighboring countries

296 KSP Building  5Floor Room 5C, 5D Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

TEL +66 2 246 1174 FAX: 66 2 246 1175   

บริษัท ไทยแคร์ จำกัด 
296 อาคาร เค เอส พี ชั้น 5 ห้อง 5ซี ,5ดี ถนนพระรามเก้า เขต ห้วยขวาง แขวงห้วยขวาง กรุงเทพ 10310 

โทร 02 246 1174 แฟ็กส์ 02 246 1175 

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Working time :  8:30am-17;pm  from Monday-Friday  

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