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Our Company

ThaiCare is a leading distributor supply  healthcare -Medical and Skin care  products and provider of high-quality a full-line Medical supplies and Health& skincare portfolio 


ThaiCare  Co., Ltd. was established  on mid june  the 1st. 2009, the main objective was to focus on providing world class quality  medical supplies to Hospital and medical professional  in Thailand. The business started from skin wound managment products and later expanded the variety of products to cover all wound care  fields. At the present , Thaicare has become a “One Stop Service” providing a wide range of medical suppiles device and equipment  products, ranging from  skin and wound dressing , Ostomy , feeding tube  patient care ,  Surgical, medical equipment,  health care products  .

With more than 13 years experience in medical bussiness , Thaicare is recognized as an outstanding medical  distributor in Thailand with a highly experienced team, both in term of product knowledge and efficient after-sale service to all clients. In addition, the mission & principle of Thaicare  is to focus on enhancing  medical knowledge education of all Medical fields. We Support domestic & overseas training & seminar to all medical specialist  and the Thai Faculty of Medical and medical  Associations.


ThaiCare” in the currently have presenting into three primary market segments.

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Medical Equipment & supplies products 

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Health care products 


Skin care  products 

Our aim to be among the first positioned distributors to supply medical ,healthcare and medicines products  to Hospitals-Clinics -Pharmacies and Home care. 

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Female pharmacist with protective mask o

Welcome to Thaicare

THAICARE Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 in Bangkok. We are exclusive distributors of medical products from Europe and U.S.A. and other parts of the world to the local market. We are specailized in Skin and  wound Management -Ostomy Care - Othopedic suppiles-Surgical -Laboratory products  and Cryosurgical. We are deeply committed to education, and invest heavily in training for doctors, technology promotion and patient education. We also regularly sponsor and help to organize medical conferences, exhibitions, symposiums and workshops for healthcare professionals to exchange findings and build networks.

   Thaicare is also specialized in beauty products with a main focus in skincare ,Hair care and Vitamins category. For more then a decade we have built our experience  in the market for skin care ,supplying  Dermatologysts -SKin clinics, Plastic surgery and Pharmacy. All our skincare lines are innovative and oganic ingredient. All skin care products  were meticulously selected to ensure  an exceptional quality appropriate for all types of Thai peoples skin and age.


  Thaicare is a leader in HealthCare market since in the year 2013,We focus on the Premuime quality  Incontinence – Compression –Nutrition food and Hygiene disposable  products for the customers of Personal  Homecare products. We focus on hihgt -quality in all process and source products based on our customer's needs and requests as quality of services . 


 Thaicares growth  continuously  succussful in the Market for Dermatologist -Plastic  Surgery and Pharmacy. We provide and focus on innovative overseas  Manufacturing to give us the best quality products with advanced  fomula and cost effective. We have now expanded and have achieved a Pharmaceutical  license  is under the permission of the Ministry of Public Health  for  promotion  Pharmaceutica lines in the counrty. 

We have  now 6  sales reppresentatives  to promote Pharmaceutical in the market and cover all regional with direct channels. We have  selected  carefully personnel with excellent skills to work with us and professional sales with Pharmacy Degree .




To providing high quality products. To satisfy our Customers demands. The accurate choice of reputed Partners Leaders in the Medical /Health beauty World class commits us to give the highest level of service to our Clients



We are committed to educate and inform our clients of innovative solutions for their well living. Providing them as much as possible, a better life. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers, no matter of age, or social status.We strive to exceed their expectation in quality , on-time delivery and personal communication.

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Our Vision and Strategy “ We are not interested to supply quantities but Quality “ ThaiCare Past, Present and Future” Since the foundation of Thai Care we have provided: -Quality and Innovative product -Knowledge and Professional Technical skills of the product -Service and Communication with our Customers -Competitive price and High Quality products


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   All our skincare lines are innovative and oganics ingredient. All skin care products  were meticulously selected to ensure  an exceptional quality appropriate for all types of Thai peples skin and age. 




282/7Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand


Working time :  8:30am-17;pm  from Monday-Friday  

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