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We are the leading distributor of medical , health and beauty products in Thailand

We have been serving Thailand since 2009

About us.


Established in 2009 Thaicare is an expertise in Medical ,Health and Beauty products.

We are Specialized in Wound care ,Surgery ,Intensive care ,Laboratory ,Post-operative care,Orthopedic and Respiratory and healthcare in general..

Our brands  are sourced from trusted manufacturers and suppliers from around the world and we ensure that they meet the highest standards for quality and safety for our customers.

Product Divisions 

doctor and nurse medical team are performing surgical operation at emergency room in hospi

Medical supplies 

Medical products "we offer state-of-the-art medical devices that aid in the  critical patients ,intensive care ,surgical post operative and of various health conditions. Our devices are designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. 



Medical supplies products 

Infection Control products 

Surgical Products 

Orthopedic prevent injuries

Respiratory products 

Frist aid products 

Patient Positioning equipment 


Laboratory products 



Health Care /Home care 

Thaicare is a trusted name in the healthcare industry, dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of premium healthcare products. With a focus on quality and innovation, we serve a diverse customer base that includes nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, consumers and various businesses operating in related product sectors.



Disposable Products

,Elderly Diaper,

Food Nutrition

,Paper and Cleaning Supplies

แต่งหน้าลิป Permanentet

Skin Care /Cosmetics 

 Beauty division  Our aim to building the best distribution for Beauty and cosmetic and skincare products in the Thailand with partners from around the world via  local retailers and online shop. ThaiCare is committed to delivering the highest quality products to meet demands of the markets.  


Skin whitening 

Hair care and Hair professional 


Health and Vitamin Supplements 

Combs, Brushes & Shaving Accessories


Bottles of cleaning product, brushes and sponge on light green background.jpg

Consumer ,Multi -purpose  , Household products 

 Products Categories 

Stain removal

Air reference

Disinfectant products 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pest control products 

Foods and Beverage

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