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        Since 2009, ThaiCare has been dedicated to providing Health Beauty and Medical Products to Professionals in Hospitals both private and public , Aesthetic Clinics, Plastic surery clinics,  Beauty Natural Shops,  Pharmacy and Health Stores Home care and Veterinary . We are headquartered in Bangkok and we aim to be the premier Distributor of High-end Skin Care, Beauty, and Medical products to the medical community. ThaiCare has established relationships with many Health and Beauty providers in order to ensure that our Customers, Clients, and Family members have access to the latest High end quality products. Our Team has a Friendly and Professional behavior, assisting constantly and promptly any need Client may have.


                                                               Health & Beauty 


         In 2018, Thai Care opened our own Health and Beauty/Medical shop, dedicated to all generations. From Baby products to Incontinence and Personal Care.We offer a very competitive price and a selection of well known lines for your health.  We provide to Professional Healthcare and Beauty Care our service of specialized Medical care products from Europe and U.S.A. We have a team of consulting specialist that are constantly in contact with Pharmacy-Dermatologist-Beauty Store and clinics to train and to give our outmost best service.


We are committed to educate and inform our clients of innovative solutions for their well living. Providing them as much as possible, a better life.

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers, no matter of age, or social status.We strive to exceed their expectation in quality , on-time delivery and  personal communication.

   "We look at the present and think of the to future make you have a better quality of life"

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