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We care for your health 

Cosmetic Dermatology 

Health Care 

Medical Care 

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medical devices

Our Medical products focus and cover for:




  • Emergency Room

  • Radiology Department

  • Pediatrics Department

  • Physical Therapy Department

  • Phamarceutical Department

  • Surgical Department

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health care 


Our Health products focus and cover for:




  • Elderly Home care 

  • Hospitals 

  • Pharmacy 

  • Deparments stores 

  • Health Care stores


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cosmetic dermatology


for dermatology products focus and cover for:




  • Pharmacy

  • Hospitals 

  • Plastic surgery 

  • Beauty store 

  • Dermatology Centers  & Skin clinics 


welcome to thaicare 

Is a Medical and HealthCare and Cusmetic Dermatology distributor company estabished in 2009.We are specialized in the promotion of Advance wound care products  - Disposable products -Surgical equipment products -Cryosurgery Therapy products - and  Dermatologist products for offering to  Emergency room-Operation room- Dermatologist -Plastic Surgery and Pharmacy and Home care .

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T haicare provides innovative brands for Dermatology  and Plastics surgery and Beauty care  center.

Our products focus on 

  • Plastic surgery equipments  

  • Cryosurgery  treatment .

  • Hair healthy program treatment  and Hair transplant treatment 

  • Wound Healing treatment 

Today we have grown with experience and Professionality. We are proud to say we are a young leading Health & Beauty Distributor in the market 

thaicare co.,ltd.

ThaiCare is a young and aggressive company dedicated to becoming a market leader in the implementation of the latest technologies  medical equipments.

We import and market  dermatology products & medical equipment  for hospitals and clinics.

Pharmacy .  We are working persistently to provide more developed health care,  medical  cosmetics dermatology products , services, and assisting health care providers with their Professional expertise, while adhering to our ethical values and respecting social and environmental concerns which will be positively reflected in our customers› satisfaction, excellent teamwork performance and high-quality business sector.



Since  2009 -2021 Thaicares growth  continuously  succussful in the Market for Dermatologist -Plastic  Surgery and Pharmacy. We provide and focus on innovative overseas  Manufacturing to give us the best quality products with advanced  fomula and cost effective. We have now expanded and have achieved a Pharmaceutical  license  is under the permission of the Ministry of Public Health  for  promotion  Pharmaceutica lines in the counrty. 


 We have  now 6  sales reppresentatives  to promote Pharmaceutical in the market and cover all regional with direct channels. We have  selected  carefully personnel with excellent skills to work with us and professional sales with Pharmacy Degree .

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services in time 

Our experienced and knowledgeable support team are waiting to help you weekdays 8am to 5pm. They know our complete product range and exact part you need, so that they can assure in short time all of your needs or find the right technical solution to meet your requirements. Call us 02 246 1174